A quick sign of life

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Funny things have been happening. After working like a maniac during the last months, my photo series “The Dog People” has been featured on PetaPixel. That was very exciting, but I had no idea what would follow… So far, my images have been featured on “The Bored Panda“, “designboom“, “ViralNova“, “The Huffington Post“, “My Modern Met“, “Yahoo News“, “The Daily Mail“, as well als many online newsmagazines from Brazil, Spain, Poland, UK, US, Greece and even more. Really amazing and overwhelming.

It resulted in many lovely messages, a lot of traffic on my website, and quite a few email interviews.

One of the most asked questions, especially from americans, is “why are your participants naked”. Honestly, it makes me fall over laughing every time. Do you guys REALLY think my participants had to undress for the photos? Of course they didn’t. I asked them to bring clothes with straps that could slide over the shoulders easily. None of the female participants ever had to undress, so guys: Relax. No nipples were involved.
I think the bare shoulders add to the photos much more than any clothing ever could, mainly by not distracting the eye. Imagine there were 30 people, all wearing different clothing, with different colours, different materials and maybe different prints or patterns on it. Nope. Not a good look.

So far, so good. Back to work. A German television team will be filming a short clip about my project soon, so I have quite a lot stuff left to prepare :)